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What is Anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction which is often severe and affects the entire body. The allergic reaction spreads to the entire body very quickly. These reactions are not normal allergies; they are life-threatening allergies which are caused due to food, insect stings, medications etc.

Whenever an allergic substance comes in contact with our body, our immune system reacts to the substance by releasing chemicals which will cause various allergic symptoms, and such reactions are said to occur only in one part of the body. But when it comes to Anaphylaxis, the allergic response affects most parts of the body. Due to the severity of this allergic reaction, immediate medical treatment has to be given, or else it can even be fatal.

When the antibodies react with the allergen, their body releases chemical substances like histamine, and these chemicals react with the blood causing the blood vessels to swell and creating low pressure. The person’s lungs get affected and start to have an asthma attack, and as the pressure decrease, the bronchiole tissues begin to swell, the blood vessels leak and make the person collapse and choke.


Most of the allergies we get aren’t life-threatening. But when allergic reactions happen all over your body, you might end up in a severe condition. Some of the common triggers include peanuts, fish, milk, shellfish, tree nut etc. Some of the triggers from insects include sting from bees, wasps, fire ants, hornets etc.

Anaphylaxis can also be triggered by medications such as antibiotics, aspirin, painkillers etc. Some people might even develop severe allergic reactions even when they do severe physical exercises. Sometimes eating specific food before or after aerobic exercises can also trigger such allergies. One needs to consult with the doctor and figure out which substance they need to avoid.

Risk Factors:

If you have had Anaphylaxis previously, you are more likely to get it again with more severe reactions than the first allergic reaction. Thus one needs to be extremely careful if they have previously come across such severe allergic reactions as they are prone to happen again. If you are a person, who has asthma you are likely to be affected by Anaphylaxis.


The allergic reaction is life-threatening. If you are too careless, you can even risk your life, and a simple allergy will choke you to death.


One of the best ways to prevent anaphylaxis is to avoid coming in contact with the allergic substance. One can also wear a medical alert bracelet or a necklace which would alert the ambulance when you are in an Anaphylaxis attack. Always keep an emergency medical kit with you and inform the doctors immediately. Even if you don’t happen to be allergic to a particular substance, you might want to be careful and avoid coming into contact with that object.